SimBCM - A Full System Simulator of BCM1250

What Is SimBCM

SimBCM is an open source full system simulator based on simos. It simulates BCM1250, a dual-core MIPS64 SOC of BroadComm. The entire source code of SimBCM is distributed under GPL.

Some of the features include:

  • full system simulation. the ability to run unmodified linux kernel and NICTA L4 pistachio micro-kernel.
  • the ability to debug OS kernel using GDB.

Missing features :

  • no cache simulation in current release
  • no hard disk simulation


Sept 26th, 2006: SimBCM 0.1 released

We are very glad to release the first version of SimBCM. Currently it can run unmodified linux kernel and NICTA L4 pistachio successfully. You can download and play with it. Have fun!


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